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Showing Up to the Dance in Style

Prom is an important event, no doubt about it. You should make a big deal out of prom. The opportunity to mingle with other young people in the bloom of youth at such an event is unparalleled elsewhere. Sky Limousine of Amarillo is here to help.

You'll likely go out to dinner prior to the dance, and hit up a party of some variety afterward. When you arrive, there will be a crowd of people, and a lot of them are going to show up in a limo. Some might show up in, say, an El Camino covered in soap-styled graffiti, and limned in loud music. Teenagers are creative and like to stand in the face of traditional ideas. Showing up in a limo to the prom is an outstanding way to impress everyone going to the prom.

The classiest couples show up in a limo. And think about this: you don't have to be part of a couple to show up in a limousine. Especially over the last decade or so, the nature of prom has transitioned to a social event for everybody in the school, not just the "it" couple from the student council, or whatever group seems to hold sway during a given year. Choose from any vehicle in the fleet at Sky Limousine of Amarillo and be “classy”.

All Around Town and School

In smaller towns, all four grades may be eligible to attend the school-sponsored prom dance. If you're a freshman or a sophomore and you show up in a limo, regardless of whether or not you have a date, that's going to be an event that will be remembered throughout the student body until you graduate, and maybe even after that. Driving through town in a limousine from Sky Limousine of Amarillo can be heady for anyone.

The Safety Angle

Another good reason to get a limousine is for your own safety. Whether you're a young man looking to impress a young lady, or a young lady looking to avoid being in an unsupervised situation with a less-than-mature young man, a limousine offers solutions. The driver won't be intoxicated, and parents are likely footing the bill; this means you'll have safe transit to and from your houses, any restaurants where you go on a date prior to the big event, and the prom itself.

A limo will likely be secured until the event is over. That means everybody gets home safe, and everybody gets to the event safe. The young lady need not be pressured into an after-party her boyfriend takes her to, nobody drinks and drives, and there's a higher likelihood of the young couple getting home without making big mistakes after the dance.

If you decide to go in a group there is not the chance of distracted driving when you hire a limo driver.  Cell Phone activity and photos can be taken all the way to and from the destination without the worry of following the rules and standards of the Department of Transportation.

A Limousine is Likely the Right Choice

When you get right down to it, limousines provide solutions for students and parents during prom. Distinct advantages include:

-  Safe Transportation

-  A Memorable Arrival and Departure to and From the Event

-  The Pure Fun of Riding in a Limousine

-  An Unofficial Chaperone Throughout the Event

-  The Clout that Comes With a Limousine

For students everyone involved in the local prom, limousine transportation to and from the event is well worth it. Call Sky Limousine of Amarillo today and choose your vehicle from any of the fleet.  It’ll be worth it.

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